Company Omars S.p.A. is specialized in the construction and assembly of special equipment like towing trucks and carriers vehicles for road assistance. Browse our website having a look for the product will meet your needs, you will find it!


Omars Recovery 120T Mercedes Arocs4242 8x4

Omars Recovery 120T – Slovenia

Omars Recovery 110T Astra HD9 8x4

Omars Recovery 110T – Italy

forcone Omars 110T renault c520 hubbrillen heavy wrecker

Omars Recovery 110T – France

forcone Omars 110T/120T stailizzatori hubbrillen heavy wrecker

Omars Recovery series – Front and rear stabilizers

Omars 3TZ Falck Renault D7,5

Omars 3TZ series – Denmark

Omars platform SL Falck Renault D7,5

Omars SL carriers – Denmark

Omars Low Line 14T Norway Volvo 8x4

Omars Low Line 14T – Norway

Omars 3FN Isuzu 4x4

Omars 3FN series – Italy

Omars 3FN "Ali di Gabbiano" Isuzu 4x4

Omars 3FN “Ali di Gabbiano” – Italy

Omars Recovery 120T Volvo FH 750 8x4

Omars Recovery series – Italy

pianale Omars 3.2000A plattform plateau

Omars 3.2000A carriers – Swiss

pianale Omars MINIFIX plattform plateau

Omars MINIFIX series